Brand Stories

At jellybeet, we are passionate about the brands we carry in our portfolio. From Rilakkuma and Sanrio to BT21 and Monchhichi, each brand has its own unique story to tell. In this section of the learning center, you'll find a variety of resources and interactive activities that will help you learn more about the brands in our portfolio. From fun quizzes to informative articles, we've got something for everyone.

So why wait? 

Who is Afro Ken?
Who is Amuse?
Who is Felix The Cat?
Honeymaru Brand Story
Who is Jinbesan?
Who is Kittygurumi?
Who is Mamegoma?
Who is Monchhichi?
Who is Nyan Nyan Nyanko?
What is Re-ment? Who is Re-Ment?
Who is Rilakkuma?
Who is Sentimental Circus?