About Sentimental Circus

What is the Sentimental Circus?

Stuffed animals abandoned in room recesses and on street corners that sneak away at night to form a secret circus.
Tonight, their strange friends will gather together before showtime.

Who Is Shappo?

Shappo is an abandoned plush that never gave up and started a secret circus for other abandoned and forgotten plushies.

Who Is Mouton?

Mouton is very easygoing but he gets very active when the curtain goes up and starts his acrobatics act with an outstanding balance.

Who Is Kuro?

Kuro is said to look a bit like an owl and is the most incredible performer of the rolling globe within the Sentimental Circus.

Who Is Rio?

Rio is the biggest plush in the Sentimental Circus and comes with a black crest. His circus act is jumping through a variety of hoops.