About Sumikkogurashi

What is Sumikkogurashi?

Sumikkogurashi are characters living a quiet and solitary life in corners. They might be able to settle down on when they're in the corners but they don't like being in the center of a space. When they're taken to the center, they always rush back to the corners.


A white bear who'd runaway from the north as he's sensitive to the cold and shy of strangers. Shirokuma feels relaxed when he's drinking hot tea in the corner.


Doesn't have confidence about who he really is. Penguin? might have a plate on his head in the past...


The leftovers of pork cutlet on the plate, which is with only 1% meat and 99% fat. He's leftover because he's too fat. His pink mouth is the only meat part of his body.


A very shy cat. He's scratching his nails on the back wall.


Tokage (means lizard) is the last dinosaur who survived from ancient times but is pretending to be a lizard not to be caught. He opens his heart only to Nisetsumuri.


Tapioca are the leftovers in the cup once all of the milk tea has been finished.


Zassou is really positive and dreams that he'll be decorated as a bouquet someday at his desire florist.


Shirokuma's bag who is always used for saving a spot in the corner.


A slug with a shell on its back, not a snail (Katatsumuri).


Means dust.