About Honeymaru

What is Honeymaru? Who Lives There?

Welcome to Honeymaru, a dream realm created by Ayumu, where life can be anything and everything you dream and imagine. Ayumu has created this dream realm as her safe, fun and out of this world reality, where she goes to express her feelings and escape her daily endeavors. Ayumu is a young 20 year old girl from Osaka, Japan. Ayumu is trying to find herself as an individual as she attends art school in the city while feeling small and lost at times in such a large metropolitan area. She is a young girl coming of age that wants to go on adventures and see all the world has to offer but due to financial struggles and all her commitments she is unlucky and must for now find sanctuary in her dream realm, Honeymaru. 

Welcome to Mochi Land!

Mochi is the definition of cute so Ayumu has created a land of cuteness filled with the most adorable friends. Ayumu first came here as a little girl discovering all the things that make her feel happy. This is the land she visits when life, an event or feelings give her butterflies. What better way to celebrate a happy moment than to be surrounded by everything, Mochi!

Welcome to Kawaii Horror Land!

The horrors of life do not have to be so dark. Ayumu has created a land where she looks at the scary things of life and she finds the light in them. Here she has also found her scary friends that have shown her how to deal with the hard and scary times in life. Her friends in this world might look like monsters but they are her saviors, not all monsters are bad!

Welcome to Kimyona-Land aka Strange Land!

Oh when life gets strange and there is just so much that cannot be explained Ayumu makes her way to Kimyona-Land. Here nothing needs to make sense, be normal, or meet the world's standards and status quo. Everyone and everything here is different and Ayumu allows her mind to find the friends she needs at the most random times and situations.