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jellybeet-web-monchhichi-brandbanner-vm.jpgBorn in 1974 in Japan, Monchhichi is a life companion that has been adopted by several generations of kids over the last couple of decades! Monchhichi represents respect and friendship to all and is back to remind us all of this. This pop culture stylish icon is known to all generations and makes the perfect companion for all of your adventures. Throughout the years Monchhichis have become the perfect gift for all occasions as a symbol of respect and friendship.


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  • Monchhichi Front Shot
    Monchhichi Silhouette Shot

    Monchhichi Classic Plush Toy - 18 Inch


    Celebrate over 40 years of friendships with this Large 18-inch Monchhichi. Monchhichis, as you have come to expect have the ability to put their thumb in their mouth and can always be dressed up with different outfits making it one of the most stylish...