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Kiiroitori Sofa Holder

Kiiroitori Mobile Stand


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The Kiiroitori Sofa Holder is the perfect size to hold your small, mobile electronic devices. This plush holder gives your gadgets a soft and secure place on your desk, making it less likely to lose or knock them off.

  • Authentic San-X Rilakkuma™ authorized and licensed plush   
  • Soft-Lined Plush Sofa Holder for Mobile Devices      
  • Surface washable for easy care and maintenance
  • Ages 3+

Who is Kiiroitori?

The yellow bird that Kaoru was keeping as a pet before Rilakkuma and the others came. Kiiroitori used to stay in a birdcage, but can now leave it freely. Every day Kiiroitori scolds Rilakkuma for laying around and fights with playful Korilakkuma for being too mischievous.

*Mobile devices not included. iPhone® mobile devices shown in the product images are for reference only. iPhone® is a registered trademark of Apple Inc.


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